Standard full-face visor

supplier company “Demining Solutions” (manufacturer company «Security Devices»)

   The standard full-face visor (SKU1010 model) is believed to be the most used facial protection in humanitarian demining worldwide. This visor has been sold more than 25,000, supplying several equipment suppliers (under their Logo) and selling to many demining groups direct.

    The standard SD full-face blast visor is made using 5mm untreated polycarbonate sheet, as required in the UN’s International Mine Action Standards (IMAS. 10.30). It is usually supplied with a thin polycarbonate scratch-guard which you should replace when it becomes damaged.

    The head-frame supplied can be either our “standard” or the “comfort” model. Both are made using durable and washable polyamide and are adjusted to fit using straps. This year, the “comfort” model has been refined to give even greater comfort behind the ears. Both designs of head-frame include a padded forehead strip than should be removed and washed regularly.

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        The head-frame and visor face should be adjusted so that the visor hangs straight down, then the bolts should be tightened. Nylock® nuts are used because the visor is not designed to be raised during use.

        The visors are stored and transported in clean protective bags, which comes complete with a visor.

        All standard visors are stamped with a number for easy visor management. Your organisation’s logo (one colour) can be printed onto the visor at no extra cost.

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In 11 July 2019 Demining Solutions company became the official representative of Security Devices company in Ukraine and recived exclusive rights on the promotion, presentation and delivery of products of the specified company.