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Company Activities in 2023


  • November 21 – December 1, 2022

    NTS/EORE Training Round 1 including UAV training – 15 IMAS HMA Specialists

  • January 9 – 20, 2023
    NTS/EORE Training Round 2 – 17 IMAS HMA Specialists

  • February 01 – 14, 2023
    NTS/EORE Training Round 3 – 20 IMAS HMA Specialists


  • DS actively implements NTS in many areas of Ukraine:
    – from December 2022 – Kharkiv region;
    – from February – Mykolayiv region;
    – from March – Dnipro and Kyiv regions;
    – from May – Kherson region.

  • Specially trained deminers in these regions also conduct Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) to the local population.

  • All NTS reports DS is submitting to IMSMA (for NMAA) and ActivityInfo (UN Protection Cluster).

  • Since April, demining has been started in the Makariv community, Buchansky district, Kyiv region

Company Recognition

Demining Solutions

Ukrainian Business Award Winner
in the Business of the Year 2023 Nomination

UBA winner

Demining Solutions is an active member of Arms and Security International Exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, as well as other activities on mine action

Company Activities in 2022

The DS company was the first to start a non-technical survey of territories in the new realities of Ukraine, first of Kyiv region and Chernihiv region, and later of Sumy region. All relevant NTS reports were submitted to the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA, for NMAA) and ActivityInfo (UN Security Cluster).

After full-scale war in 2022 DS successfully passed External QC conducted by the Demining Center (Kamyanets-Podilskiy) UAF. As a result, DS executed  Land Release 219000 sq. m near settlement Makovysche (Makariv hromada, Bucha raion Kyiv oblast).

It was the major contribution in 2022 for the Ukrainians as a result of the land release to the end user.

Activities before full-scale invasion of rf

Since its inception, Demining Solutions has successfully implemented seven demining contracts

Contracts included:

  • Non-Technical Survey in Donetsk, Luhanks and Zaporizhia oblasts.
  • Technical Survey of territories,
  • Battle Area Clearance/Demining,
  • Land Release after external QC in the Donetsk region (Mariupol area).

The company's goals and tasks

Our goals

  • Create a calm and safe environment for the Ukrainian people and reduce the social, economic and environmental consequences associated with the presence of unexploded mines and ammunition.
  • Minimize the danger caused by the presence of landmines and explosive remnants of war on the territory of Ukraine and create favorable conditions for the reconstruction and development suffered from the military operations of the territories.
  • Develop partnerships and cooperation with state and international non-governmental organizations in the mine action sphere.
  • To get profit by means of a combination of economic interests, material, labor, financial, intellectual and other resources of the participants to provide various kinds of services and to carry out managerial, industrial, commercial, economic and other activities in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation.
Наша діяльність

Tasks and specific works

  1. Carry out humanitarian demining of the area to prevent accidents among civilians.
  2. Clearing the areas of combat operations from unexploded ammunition.
  3. Utilization of weapons, conventional types of munitions and missile equipment.
  4. Undertake mine awareness training and educate the public about safe conduct rules for contaminated areas.
  5. Promote the World Campaign to Combat Landmines of Ukraine, as a party to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction.

Considering the specifics of the Demining Solutions activity, we carry out work with increased danger. The company has all the legal documents to independently carry out the neutralization of identified explosive ordnance, and can also assist international partners who do not have such rights.

Demining Solutions

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