Нumanitarian demining in the East of Ukraine

At the beginning of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, firstly, a national operator – Demining Solutions company, transferred the unblocked territory to Customer and solemnly presented the Certificate of the cleared area.

First and foremost, this is to reduce the risk of explosive objects to the local population. In addition, farmers in the Donetsk region can safely use this land for agricultural purposes.

Today, Demining Solutions operates in the Mariupol area (close to the demarcation line), but in case of proper financial support, it can be deployed in other high priority areas of Ukraine.

Although Demining Solutions was only created in 2018 and the company has neither donors nor government financial support, it already has significant gains in mine action.

Humanitarian squad of the company has been actively started to clearance the land since June 12, 2019. As of October 1, a relatively small team of a Ukrainian company managed to achieve the following results:

  • a non-technical survey of the territory with the total amount of 156.9 ha;
  • technical survey of the territory, battle area clearance a total of 47.7 ha;
  • 12 units were identified and disposed of explosive objects;
  • transfer of cleared area to Customer (27.3 ha);
  • one session was held to Mine Risk Education (17 beneficiaries).

All work was carried out in accordance with international and national standards of mine action. (IMAS, DSTU-P 8820: 2018). The company carries out its work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and sends all necessary documentation to the coordination center. Also, cooperation with other mine action participants is organized.

While the state is looking for ways to implement the Law “On Mine Action in Ukraine,” the national operator is cleaning up contaminated mines and explosive objects of the territory by its own means.

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