Demining Solutions on the International Exhibition

On October 9‑12, 2018 representatives of the company “Demining Solutions” visited the XV International Exhibition “Arms and Security‑2018” (Kyiv, International Exhibition Center), as well as participated in the seminar “Mine Action in Ukraine. Contemporary Trends”.

The holding of the “Arms and Security 2018” exhibition is aimed at deepening military and technical cooperation with foreign partner countries, as well as strengthening domestic economic potential.

During “Arms and Security 2018” exhibition also were represented mine action equipment and technics which was familiarized with the details of the company “Demining Solutions”.

On October 12, representatives of “Demining Solutions” took part in the seminar “Mine Action in Ukraine. Contemporary Trends “organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The main theme for the seminar was the legislative activity in the area of Mine Action. It was noted that in December 2018 finally, the low on Mine Action can be adopted, and in the first half of 2019, the national standard “Mine action. Organization and management of processes “.

The international specialized exhibition “Arms and Security‑” is a significant event in the field of defense and security of Ukraine. Such exhibitions provide relevant information, provide additional opportunities and facilitate established contacts for domestic private companies in the field of Mine Action.

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