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Our activities


Besides demining the main DS activity in 2023 is NTS/EORE Training, including UAV training. There are also IMAS HMA Specialists in the study groups

DS Operation

During 2022 – 2023 our NTS/EORE NTS teams work in conflict-affected regions of Ukraine, in particular in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv and Mykolaiiv oblasts

Company Recognition

Demining Solutions is an active member of Arms and Security International Exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, as well as other activities on mine action.

The company also has 11 signed memorandums with international and national organizations and companies in demining sphere

DS Goals and Tasks

Main DS’s goals:

  • Create a calm and safe environment for the Ukrainian people and reduce the social, economic and environmental consequences associated with the presence of unexploded mines and ammunition.
  • Minimize the danger caused by the presence of landmines and explosive remnants of war on the territory of Ukraine and create favorable conditions for the reconstruction and development suffered from the military operations.

All details of our work and specific tasks of the company are in section “Our work”

We are Responsible for Our Work

In 2022 DS successfully passed External QC, conducted by the UAF Demining Center.
As a result DS executed Land Release in Bucha raion, Kyiv oblast (219000 sq. m)

Permissions for work

DS has more than 10 permissions and certificates to carry out mine action functions

Professional staff

DS deminers have practical experience of working with almost all the main types of metal detectors, using UAVs and other equipment for the search and detection of explosive ordnance

Modern equipment

DS technical equipment for the humanitarian demining squad is in the line with the requirements for professional deminers

International experience in demining

DS is a member of the UN Mine Action Sub Cluster and it's included in the database of the International Center for Humanitarian Demining in Geneva (GICHD)

Recognition and Specific Tasks of the Company

Demining Solutions is an active member of Arms and Security International Exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, as well as other activities on mine action

Demining Solutions carries out such works with increased danger:

Considering the specifics of the Demining Solutions activity, we carry out work with increased danger. The company has all the legal documents to independently carry out the neutralization of identified explosive ordnance, and can also assist international partners who do not have such rights.

DS also carries out measures for humanitarian demining, maintenance and NTO of the area followed by manual demining, as well as measures to eliminate the consequences of explosions at military facilities.

Demining Solutions

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